Plans to Put Up A Statue Of Satoshi Nakamoto Gather Pace In Kiev

Virtual Satoshi Nakamoto Statue

A campaign is growing to put up a statue of Satoshi Nakamoto in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine – on the spot where a statue of Lenin once stood, before it was toppled in 2013.

The project is said to be part of a worldwide campaign to erect monuments to the supposedly Japanese Bitcoin creator.

The plan is to place the figure on the intersection of Kiev’s main “Khreshchatyk” Street and the “Taras Shevchenko” Boulevard.

Project to Build Satoshi Statue Gains Support in Kiev
Satoshi Nakamoto on the Pedestal of Lenin

Goodbye Vladimir, Hello Satoshi!

Project to Build Satoshi Statue Gains Support in KievThe proposed site for the statue is not a random choice. Until a few years ago it was occupied by the monument of Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Russian Revolution and founder of the Soviet Union. His statue was toppled and destroyed by protesters in December, 2013. The act was one of the memorable events of the Euromaidan demonstrations which brought political change to Ukraine.

The empty space, opposite the “Bessarabsky” Market, has since turned into a site for political expression and artwork.

At the height of the civil unrest in February 2014, opposition activists put a golden toilet on the pedestal as a symbol of the rampant corruption in their troubled and divided country. One of the numerous accusations against the then president Viktor Yanukovych was that he had had gold toilets installed in a country estate near Kiev.

Step One: A Virtual Satoshi Monument

The people behind the project intend to begin with a digital Satoshi monument. The virtual statue will be visible when viewed through a mobile app when the smartphone is turned towards the pedestal, according to the Slovenian newspaper, Delo. The Ukrainian VR/AR and robotics company Raccoon World has promised to develop the virtual reality concept.

Project to Build Satoshi Statue Gains Support in Kiev
The Virtual Satoshi concept: The statue will be seen when viewed through a mobile app.

The organizers also intend to file a petition with the Kyiv City State Administration and apply for permission to build a real, physical monument. They plan to raise the necessary means through a crowdfunding campaign.

Meanwhile, the virtual statue project has been supported by the Ukrainian entrepreneur Alexander Soroka, founder of the investment platform Startup Network, who has already donated 1 bitcoin (BTC).

A Global Initiative, A Blockchain Republic

According to local media reports, the installation of the statue in Kiev is part of a global initiative to erect Satoshi monuments around the world and create a so called “Blockchain Republic.” In case the city authorities reject the petition, the authors of the project say they’ll be looking for another location to place the symbolic figure.

Project to Build Satoshi Statue Gains Support in KievNot long ago, a similar initiative was realized in Slovenia, as reported. In March, the city of Kranj inaugurated a monument dedicated to bitcoin and blockchain – the first in the world, according to local authorities. The installation is in the form of a large bitcoin logo placed in the middle of a roundabout. The crypto theme of the monument has been chosen by the citizens of Kranj.

Would you support a project to build a bitcoin monument or a Satoshi statue in your city? Let us know in the comments section below.

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